Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just for the Record

I can't WAIT until Halloween is over.

Adeline?  Not a fan of this holiday.  BUT, much like chocolate (she thinks she likes it, says she likes it, tries to like it, yet spits it out any time she has it in her mouth) she is excited about the idea of a costume any time a well meaning adult asks her what she's going to be.  She has made up several stories.

However.  My kiddo is one sensitive chick.  Today, in a store, she grabbed a hat and it bumped into a sword that made noise and she flipped out.  I mean, flipped out.  Noise is a problem.  Being startled is a problem, and faces that are not happy and smiling have always been a problem.

Halloween is not a holiday for Adeline.  Not this year anyway.  But, like I said, adults can't quite get their heads around it.  To say I'm not taking her anywhere is akin to child abuse apparently.  I've gotten stares and looks, and you know, I say, "who cares, it's what's best for her".  And of course it is.  And I would never do something against what I know is right just because of someones opinion.  My point is quite simply this:  it's hard.  It won't change my mind, it won't change my actions, but it's a pain in the ass to have so many of my moves with Adeline questioned because they're so different.


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