Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bookcase Infatuation

I think every year, my Birthday and Christmas list have included bookshelves.  I really love them, second only to... I suppose... my books.  So, I'm finding it a little ironic that the same year that I aquire an e-reader, I also find myself in the posession of not one, not two, but five new bookcases.

And they're enormous by the way.

One is shorter than I am, but the rest dwarf me.  Two of them are arriving today and are probably about 8' long.  I'll have to measure.  And take pictures.  I know nobody really cares, but it'll be fun for me.

Anyway, in preparation for this momentious occasion, I've been making some room in the basement for my new shelves, not to mention all that new office furniture we scored over the weekend.  When I went downstairs this morning I was confronted with this:

That's what I said.

Figuring that the movers wouldn't really care for this situation, I set to work.  An hour later I found the table that was apparently under that spool up there.

And about an hour or so later, I figured out how to move that heavy freeking table out of my way, and I was done.  By the way, I feel like baby gates are something that people keep for a long time after having kids.  As if some day, for some reason, I'll need to section off a portion of the house for some reason.  Odd.

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