Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For Comfort's Sake

I'm pretty sure that of all the various bedroom accoutrements, the heating pad is one thing that could never, ever be considered sexy.

Mine, I must say, is especially splendid having been inherited by marriage thus making it 8 years old by default and assumingly 20 years older than that. The cover is pilled and horrible, but I'm afraid that if I wash it, it might simply disentegrate. Therefore, I put a pillowcase on my heating pad.

Picture the rediculousness for a moment. I mean, it's not like it fits.

So here I am, sinus pressure a rage - toting my heating pad from room to room like Linus with his blanket, cord trailing behind, and it occurs to me that at some point I have clearly given up many things fashionable for the sake of comfort. The other night, as I thought a wedge shaped pillow would really make things a lot more comfortable I realized that this was part of getting older.

I think looking at a persons bed can give you a glimpse into what decade of their life they are experiencing. Maybe not in actual years, but in mind set. I clearly remember my bed being covered in teddy bears and winnings from Riverside Amusement Park. Then, the body pillow. For a while, I needed to have all the decorative pillows that came with my bedset.

Now, I'm on to the wedge pillow. I put myself in my late 70's. Early 80's tops.


Sooze said...

I haven't even moved on to the wedge pillow! LOL!!! (I do own a FULL BODY HEATING PAD though).

jaime said...

I think I'm stuck in "dazed and confused," whichever era THAT winds up being. Most of the time my sheets and pillow cases don't match and I'm not sure when it happened, but I have about six pillows and a slew of uglydolls on my bed. mostly entangled with the sheets and blankets...

I, uhm, would totally dig a heating pad though. Yeah. That'd be niiiice.

Masada (aka: Curtis) said...

Hmmm... yes completely mismatched sheets, comforters, and pillow cases... mostly because matching sets are freaking expensive. I must be in the middle-age broke stages. We have full bed warmers which are like giant heating pads that cover the whole bed. This indicates we live in New Zealand.