Monday, June 15, 2009

The All-American Slam pt1

I can't even begin to describe the mayhem that is my back yard right now. Many of you know that I recently won a contest - prize being a make over of my yard.

Many of you may also recall the state of said yard, the pinnacle of which - the "deck" or platform really, because it long ago lost its railings - really, really needed to come down. It was rotten and an eye sore when we bought the house.


Work began last week, but because of the weather - only one real day of much got accomplished. Today however, all contractor hell broke loose here at camp. Things were delivered, dumped, cut, chopped, chipped, and orchestrated in such a fashion that I almost feel like what happened at 9am was yesterday. That makes sense right?

Things are going well with this exception. I'm not really sure who anyone is, and it's far too late to ask. I've been working with these people for about a week now, and everyone has introduced himself to me with a handshake and a really All-American name. "Scott", "Tim", "Rob", There may have even been a "John" in the mix, I'm not sure and I'm almost positive that there are not one but two Scott's - just for good measure.


Here we are. I have my mind on my lawn. My kid. Her spitting up on her self, myself, and other selves - on camera. Oh yes, my mind is also on the cameras, and in the very back of my mind - I'm playing Contractor Who's Who. It's fine, really - until they ask me a question about someone.
"So, did Brian talk to you about the tree?"
"Um. I think so." I say.
"Did Tom go over the plans for the mulch with you?"
"Oh... he was here yesterday, right?"

Coy. Slick.

Uh huh. No idea what I'm talking about. And I know it's really obvious.

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jaime said...

Yeah, but you have cutest baby evar. Mommas with little kiddos have a great reason for being a smidge scattered: Mommy Brain.

Are you loving it so far though?