Thursday, June 11, 2009

And What Do You Suppose THIS is? - a repost


Do you think it’s possible that the roots of all the weird plants in the entire world grow directly into my yard?

Me too.

Digging away yesterday, minding my own business, I found this.

I’ll admit it, for a minute I thought it was a wire. Living in a part of Colonial America, I’ve seen some that resemble this. Once I regained my senses, I pulled and followed. My detective skills led me in two directions – under the steps of the deck, and under the grass, towards the ferns I have yet to de-weed.

I don’t get it. It’s a root of nothing. Or maybe it only wants me to think that.

Down towards the back of the yard, there’s these leaves. Big ones.

Curious, I asked Matt what they were. Curious, Matt got a shovel. Curious, we both scratched our heads.

My first thought with a big smile was “Carrots”! It didn’t take me long under Matt’s smirk to snap out of that false identification. As it turns out, there’s about a 50’ square network of these, all rooted together underground. Perfect.

Our yard belongs to the wild. The violets have clear control of the lawn

the Squirrels use it for storage

and a (flock, school, group, gaggle?) of ants has now taken over my little garden, thanks to a muffin “crumb” Matt chucked in there. They startled me out of my flip-flops when I was watering and the ground started moving.


Jaime said...

Of course - since I first blogged this a couple years ago - we've discovered that my "carrots" were pokeweed. Not nearly as tasty.

Nicky Six said...

I think ants come in a colony.