Saturday, February 21, 2009

Greetings From Mo-Beel

So we've got this mobile. And by the way, is it mobile like mo-beel Alabama or mobile like mo-bull for the baby to look at?


Like so many things that seem simple, when it came time to register - it suddenly loomed complex. Something to lull her to sleep or stimulate her teeny neurons? How important was it to match the crib set? Did it really need to turn, sing, dance, cook and clean?

I read numerous reviews. If you know me, this doesn't surprise you. Research, it's what I do.

And so, we settled on an unsightly neon job by Baby Einstein that promised to fascinate my child. As you can see, it has swirls and balls and animals a plenty. I'm not gonna lie, it scared the bejesus out of me.
It sat idle for a long while. Lets face it, her entire room sat idle for a long while. In our brief attempts to get her to sleep in the crib, we fired up the mobile and she stared fixedly before busting out in proclamation that she would not, could not, stay in her crib.

Eventually, she broke.

Enter mobile.

She looked at it.

It looked at her.

And all the while, Beethoven twanged baby-like in the background. I'm not sure they know what to make of each other yet, but if my child turns out to be a genius... I'll know why.


Chops said...

That thing looks like the spinning dizzy that all cartoon characters of old saw after they got hit on the head. That won't make her a genius, just very confused. ;)

As for your first question, it's neither, but pronounced "mo-bile" like what a liver produces in da hood.

jaime said...

I've always said "mo-bul," with the last half really fast, virtually without a vowel. Sort of like how natives pronounce Louisville as "Luh-vuhl," I guess.

Erm, yeah.

We had little bears on a mobile for Small Thing's crib, and another that I made out of swirlies printed on cardboard and red pipe cleaner and such for her to look at while hangin' out during "wake time."

Ahhh, the joys of random decisions to make. Seems like the oddest things demand unusual amounts of consideration once you become a parent. ;o)