Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh, hello.

In between thinking of projects yesterday, I thought of something to discuss, but  it eludes me now, and that's not interesting.  So.

Meanwhile, I'm busy wrapping my head around Thanksgiving, which is suddenly here.  It's starting to be time to make a bigger deal of the holidays because Adeline understands them.  We're hosting here which just means two extras to feed, but there's that.

The Friday following, we're up to something.  So far the idea is to bring Thanksgiving to the in-laws.

Followed by a Saturday birthday extravaganza wherein I have somehow invited no less than 17 children to celebrate with my daughter.  How does she even have that many friends?  I don't even have that many friends.

So there's that.

The week following we have doctor appointments every day.  Badda-Bing.  Followed by a PPT on Friday to determine where and if our kiddo will be off to pre-school.

In the mean time, I'm trying to set up an office in the basement to get all that rolling, and come up with an interesting story or five to share here so that I'm not stuck writing about my busy schedule and meetings with teachers.

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Sooze said...

Trust me. Meetings with Teachers are going to become some of your best blog fodder. BEST.

For instance. When Billy was 6 his teacher told me he was immature.
Really? He's 6. When else does he get to be immature? That right fodder (but we didn't even have an internets then so I couldn't write it!)